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Martin Wan

Hi, I am a (theologian) digitalisation expert with a strong focus on AI.

Does AI mimic human behavior? For sure. Does that mean it will develop consciousness? Most certainly not. Do we still have to bother with it? Absolutely! AI and algorithms are increasingly finding their way into everyday social processes and into the way we obtain information. A sound understanding of the underlying technology is therefore essential for a mature participation in our society.

Computers and philosophical questions have fascinated me since my early childhood. I started coding at age 10 and built my first website at age 14. In 2014, I graduated in Catholic theology with a thesis on artificial intelligence and anthropology. Ever since then, I have been following the latest developments in the digital and AI field, currently as a consultant in the German higher education landscape. Besides digitalisation, my piano and good coffee are important to me.


since 01/2017
Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (German Rectors’ Conference, HRK)
Head of Project Hochschulforum Digitalisierung
(German Higher Education Forum on Digitalisation, HFD)
  • Conception of a national working group for the implementation of AI competencies in higher education
  • Strategic (AI) consulting and implementation support of digitalisation processes at German higher education institutions
  • Development of a nationwide network of university teachers
  • Product owner of an integrated web platform for digital networking and certification of university teachers (
  • Conception & implementation of training and conference formats for up to 500 participants
  • Conception & thematic supervision of working groups on topics such as “artificial intelligence, algorithms and big data in higher education”, “digital sovereignty”
  • Assessment and evaluation of current trends (e.g. AI, blockchain, digital sovereignty, digital education)
  • Team management
10/2022 – 02/2023
Universität Bonn
Lecturer (Seminar Scientific Political Consulting)
08/2015 – 12/2016
Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (German Rectors’ Conference, HRK)
Program manager Hochschulforum Digitalisierung
(German Higher Education Forum on Digitalisation, HFD)
2004 – 2015
Quadratdesign Webseitengestaltung
  • Agency manager
  • Conception, layout and development of websites
  • IT and internet consulting


since 2019
Blog on AI, digitalisation and ethics
since 2024
IoT PiLab
Blog on IoT, Smart Home and SBCs
since 2021
Institut für wissenschaftliche Politikberatung e.V.

2008 – 2014
Universität Bonn
Catholic theology (Mag. theol., Master equivalent)
Thesis: “Artifical intelligence – a challenge for our future. Theological and ethical-moral reflections”
externer LinkMaster thesis (PDF)
2011 – 2014
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V.
Scholarship holder

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